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Laminted Care

Do not use mops like string mops or sponge mops that use a lot of water (remember – if water corrupts the core-board it will cause it to warp!) When wet mopping your floor, do not soak the microfiber mop pad just dampen it.
Blot up large spills with a sponge, dry cloth or paper towel. Do not allow puddles to remain on the surface of your laminate floor for a long period of time because they could cause warping.

Remember, laminate floor is not real wood, so you should never wax or polish your laminate flooring. Do not use anything with chemicals that promotes a clean and shine. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners for cleaning laminate floors. Never use steel wool or scouring pads because they are renown for scratching surfaces.

Removing Exotic Stains and Stubborn Marks
Blood: give it spray of window cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth.

Chewing gum: use a plastic knife or something else (non metal) to get under the gum and avoid scratching the floor. Once you’ve prized the worst of it off rub the residue with a soft cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

Crayon: apply mineral spirits to a damp cloth and rub away.

Grease: Freeze with an ice pack until the grease hardens, then scrape off with a plastic knife. Wipe away the remaining residue with a squirt of window cleaner and a damp cloth.

Ink: Wipe with a damp cloth. Add a little detergent if the stain is stubborn. If it’s very stubborn use a commercial ink remover but be sure to wipe up with a damp cloth once you’re done.

Nail polish: You guessed it, the answer is – nail polish remover. Wipe up with a warm watered damp cloth once your done.

Red Wine or Coca Cola: wipe with a damp cloth.

Scuffs and heel marks: rub with a pencil eraser. It’s just like correcting your kid’s homework
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